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A Pair & A Spare:  Brown County's Undercover Challenge

The 6th annual Undercover Challenge will take place January 13, 2014 - February 11, 2014.

When faced with a limited budget and many necessities to pay for such as food, shelter or prescription medicines, individuals and families tend to put socks and underwear at the bottom of the list. And oftentimes, there is an embarrassment associated with not having these items, not to mention it can be uncomfortable and cold in the fall and winter.

We are asking for your help in supporting
A Pair & A Spare:  Brown County’s Undercover Challenge, an annual collection for new socks and new underwear.  In 2008, this effort began and collected more than 11,000 essential clothing items to help Brown County’s area needy. The 2nd annual Undercover Challenge collected more than 48,000 pairs of new socks and new underwear, far surpassing the goal of 25,000 pairs. The 3rd annual efforts collected more than 26,000 pairs of new sock and new underwear to benefit those in need in Brown County. The 4th annual drive collected more than 14,300 pairs of new socks and new underwear. Last year, Brown County residents helped collect more than 13,800 items! All of the donated items are distributed to more than 20 Wisconsin agencies and organizations that serve those in need throughout Brown County.

New socks and new underwear are two of the most requested, and least donated, clothing items at thrift stores, homeless shelters and agencies serving low income residents. A Pair & A Spare:  Brown County’s Undercover Challenge is a unique way to help those in need, by providing a few essential clothing items that will mean so much to the recipients.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered for the 2011 A Pair & A Spare:  Brown County’s Undercover Challenge. Each donated item went to someone in need and will help keep them warm year round. Just imagine how you would feel if you didn’t have socks and underwear…it’s not something you would think about, but there is a huge need and with community support, this project will be a success!            


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